Six reasons why dogs can benefit the workplace

August 9th 2021

What was once seen as a ‘perk’ by the cool, creative agencies is now the norm for many forward-thinking businesses.

Many workplaces have now made it possible to bring your dog to the office.

Department Bonded Warehouse is no exception! We have fully embraced the positivity that pooches can bring to a working environment. So you’ll never be too far from our four-legged members to lift your mood throughout the day.

But just in case you were wondering whether to adopt a dog-friendly policy in your workspace, here’s six tips on why dogs are the future of work!

1. Reduce stress levels

Dogs in the workplace create comfortable working environments and help to reduce employee stress levels. A US study reported evidence that employees who brought their dog to work had lower stress levels during the day compared to those who did not.

2. Improve productivity

Despite the possible distraction of a wagging tail, dogs actually give you the short breaks required to re-focus. Lockdown has taught us the importance of working more productively, which means guilt-free breaks and moving away from your desk to clear your mind. Which is just as well that dogs often instigate the need for attention, giving you the opportunity to beat the mental block that comes with staying on one task for too long.


Although a dog will have its individual owner, an office dog becomes part of the work family. Dog-loving colleagues will often be happy to help out and lend a hand, as a dog in the workplace provides the team with a shared asset they can enjoy together. You could even team up to support a dog’s training or tricks during downtime.


A core principle of Department is wellness. Bringing your dog to work keeps you active and leaves no room for excuse for getting outside and taking short walks.


It’s virtually impossible to walk through Department with a dog and not be stopped for some bursts of attention towards your pup! And we’d say, this definitely counts as networking! For those of you with lockdown puppies, bringing your dog into the office is also a great way to socialise them, as there are plenty of opportunities to interact with other people and dogs during the day.


And our final point is, of course, for the happiness of our dogs. Our four-legged members love being part of Department’s community, which makes for happier owners all round!

At Department, we can also recommend local dog walkers to give your pup a change of scenery and give you some space. Wagtales or Castlefield Canines are based a short distance from Bonded Warehouse in Deansgate, Manchester.

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